My first echo device

I realize that normally a blog article informs about the same time it is published and not about 2 years ago. But to have a good start for my Smarthome articles and you, the reader, easily understand where I come from I will start in the past. Just imagine this article was written around the 5th of December 2018.

Since the 23rd of June 2015, the first version of an echo device was available for german amazon customers. At first, I was skeptical about the microphone is always open, but the more time went by, the more I read and researched about the devices released by amazon. the more I fell in love with them. There was only one big downside…
The design was not the most beautiful, and to be honest, my children have toys that looked better.

Then, in October 2018, Amazon did the worst they could have done. They released the third version of the echo dot. Not only did it look good, but also the sound was improved. And because we talk about the dot, the price is also good.
Thanks, Amazon, now you took away all the “good” reasons I had to not buy me an echo device. To be honest, since I studied it a lot, now there were no more downsides. It turned into a toy I desperately needed to have.

Now how would I convince my wife? Luckily, because of my long research, she was not afraid of installing the microphone in the house. Also, she liked the new design, thanks to Amazon, so it should look good in the living room.
Convincing her was not as hard as I thought. To be honest, it was not hard at all.

As soon as it was on the Amazon December sale, we decided to buy it as a birthday gift for me. And after some delivery problems (delivery took almost 2 weeks, due to trouble with UPS) I finally had my new toy.

Due to the delivery problems, the installation was way more complex as it should be, partially this was my own mistake. If an application give’s you a clear and short error code, google it. This helps and saves you all the time you wais until you google it. in my case, I lost 30 minutes of trying. Then I googled the error code and found out that I could not solve this myself.
Due to the delivery problems, it was blocked, and I had to call Amazon to get it unblocked. This happened while during the delivery problems I had, the package was scheduled to go back to Amazon. Then Amazon automatically blocks the echo device until it is back in the storage, so it can not be stolen.
You can imagine how I looked when google informed me that the error code means it is a possible stolen device and that it was blocked 😉
Never the less, Amazon unblocked it within 5 minutes.

If you don’t have the problems I had, the installation would have taken less then 10 minutes. And as I am writing this in 2020, it now takes less than 5 minutes.

We did what you do when you have a new toy. The first days we mainly used it to listen to music and mostly to as Alexa stupid things.
But who could have known that while I was asking Alexa to scream or to do a self explosion. The dream of a Smarthome was born before Alexa could answer the first stupid question I asked her.